Spray Foam Insulation Reviewed

If you thought cellulose and fiberglass are the only insulation options for home and industrial use then you are wrong. Spray foam insulation is a superior option that is not only waterproof but also air-tight. Spray foam is so effective that it saves about 30 — 40 percent of energy bills once installed. Here are the top reasons why you should consider spray foam for insulation.

What Constitutes Spray Foam?
Spray Polyurethane Foam, or simply spray foam, is a product formed when preheated chemicals come into contact. Special equipment is used to mix and direct the solution to the desired surface upon which it dries within seconds. An intense reaction takes place leading to the expansion of the product about 300 times its original size.

Are there Varieties of Spray Foam?
Spray foam is available in two forms; open cell and closed cell spray foam. Open cell spray foam is characterized by tiny cells that are not fully closed. It also has a lower R-value, the measure that determines thermal performance of a material. Lower grade materials are used to make open cell spray foam thus making it less expensive.

Open cell spray foam is not waterproof and cannot be used on exterior surfaces. However, it creates an impermeable air barrier and retards vapor. It is the ideal solution for large cavities such as attics, roof decks, and cathedrals. In contrast, closed cell spray foam is more compact and contains less air. It offers better insulation and can be used on all surfaces.

Attributes of Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam is the only insulation option that offers air, water, and soundproof properties in one solution. Its superior structural strength also means it lasts the lifetime of the house without the need for maintenance. Unlike other insulation options, spray foam prohibits the growth of mold.

Spray foam insulation is environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, and provides a cleaner indoor environment. Whether you want insulation for home or industrial applications, spray foam is the perfect fit for all environments.

Spray Foam and Safety
Spray foam is safe when installed correctly. Fireproof paint is applied on top of the insulation to guard against accidental fires. Unlike other insulation, spray foam expands into surfaces making its application on existing walls fast and non-invasive.

Final Remarks
Spray foam is the best-fit insulation solution for home, industrial, and commercial buildings. It is a versatile product that offers heat, sound, and water insulation at a go. Look no further if you want an insulation solution that is reliable and friendly to the environment. Choose spray foam insulation today for immense savings on your energy bills.